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Xtreme Phyre 1000mg x 90 Caps



Product Description

Xtreme Phyre‰ã¢ is highly effective and will help you reach your weight training and fat loss goals in record time! No other ephedra -free thermogenic Fat Burner, has been proven more effective than Xtreme Phyre‰ã¢.  In creating Xtreme Phyre‰ã¢, the whole concept was to provide you with an Ephedra-alternative, that works as a Fat Burner and increases Metabolism for rapid Fat Loss, while preserving lean muscle tissue and providing high energy.

Herbal Thermogenic Fat Burner With:

Guarana (seed), L-Carnitine, Korean Ginseng, Coco Extract (10%), L-Taurine, Sarsaparilla (root),Piper Nigrum (fruit), Conjugated Linoleic Acid (CLA), Gota Kola (aerial part), Gymnema Sylvestris

KEY FEATURES: 10 Herbal Thermogenic Fat Burning Ingredients

KEY BENEFITS: Designed to support a weight loss program.

Guarana (seed) 80mg L-Carnitine 80mg Korean Ginseng 80mg Coco Extract,(10% 80mg) L-Taurine 80mg Sarsaparilla 80mg (root) Piper Nigrum 80mg (fruit) Conjugated Linoleic Acid 80mg (CLA) Gota Kola 80mg (aerial part) Gymnema Sylvestris 80m = 800mg
DIRECTIONS: Take 2 capsules three times a daily before meals with a glass of water
PER UNIT: 90 capsules